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Do you want to learn Data Science Course in India? The field of data science is among the fastest-growing fields across the globe. Because of that, LinkedIn has ranked it as the top job growing the fastest in 2017.

What do you think about the fact that many studies and research indicate there will be 1.5 lakh jobs in data science by 2021-2022, which is 62% more than in 2020?

Before we get into details about the best place to learn the Data Science course in India, We'll explore the most recent research discussing the field of data science that will assist you in learning more about this field before moving to pursue a career.

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So, Let's get started!

Data Science Jobs Outlook in Bangalore

After the United States, India is the second country that recruits an enormous number of workers in the field of data science, and according to the Hindu States report, there are approximately 97,000 jobs available in the field of data analytics in India, the majority of which are located in Bangalore.

Over the last few years, data science specialists have played a vital component in companies, even though it is virtual/remote. This is primarily because of their experience in solving problems. There's an enormous shortage of appropriate data science experts even as we speak, and every business is searching for experts in data science. To fill this gap, about 40% of the data scientists in India have been hired in the last 24 hours, according to reports.

Speaking of the demand for a data scientist in India, if you are interested to be in a career in this field, there are huge opportunities that await you. But before delving deep into its details, let us first analyze the money aspect of it.

Salary of Data Science Professionals in Bangalore

Surely, the Data Scientist role is a lucrative job profile is a massive shortage of experts in data science which is why companies don't shy away from paying their employees to work in data science excessively.

This is even more evident when we examine the median salary of data science professionals on Glassdoor. According to the platform, the median salary for data science professionals between 5 and 9 years of work experience in Bangalore will be as follows:

  • Data Analyst Base Pay Average: Rs600,000 per year
  • Data Scientist Average Base Pay Rs1,134K year
  • Big Data Engineer Average Base Pay: Rs903,564/ per year
  • Database Administrator Base Pay Average: 847,674 rupees per year

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According to the 2021 statistics, employers in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore offers more lucrative salaries than those in other cities.

It won't be too long for other major cities like Hyderabad to also step up the game. The offerings of huge salary packages in itself explain why it is a great time to begin employment in Data Science roles. But the question is, what can make you tailor-fit to face the competitive interviews head-on and win the jobs? Professional Data Science training is the answer. A reason why the Data Science course in Bangalore is now highly sought after!

Data Science Jobs in Bangalore

The best part about Data science course in Bangalore is that along with competitive training, they each assist students in finding jobs with some of the top and most well-known firms.

If you're unable to secure a job through the institute, do not worry because Bangalore is the centre of the country's biggest corporate headquarters. It is also the home of India's Silicon Valley.

Top MNC's in Bangalore are in the search for outstanding talent and have announced many jobs in data science. Anyone could apply via their official website or through any third-party website.

However, if you're not aware of which companies offer the majority of the jobs in data science in Bangalore, take a look at some of them below.

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Accenture
  • Fractal Analytics
  • Ugam
  • There are numerous others and Education Stats and Education Stats

So, is it mandatory to get a Data Science online training? Additionally, obtaining a master's degree in data science-related subjects can increase your chances of securing employment.

Let me give you a quick insight into the percentages of those who are seeking Bachelor's, Master's and PhD in Data Science in India.

  • Master's degree 50%
  • Bachelor's degree 34%
  • PhD. - 6%

You can now see the minimum and maximum qualifications for data scientists in India, and most likely, all of them possess an advanced degree.

It is also more important to earn a degree in mathematics, statistics and finance, computer science, economics, and business since it's considered a benefit and indicates that you've studied something related to it.

In addition to your degree, you need to have certain skills that will assist you in getting through the interview and helping you in your job, and even your job, easier.

These are the qualities that every interviewer is looking for in a data scientist.

  • Expertise in Excel
  • Good Communication
  • Programming (Python, R, SAS, etc.)
  • Know-how in Visualization tools such as Power BI and Tableau
  • Presentation Skills
  • Data Mining
  • There are numerous others.

Are you ready to pursue a career In Data Science?

And hopefully, by now, you should have realized the extent of the data science course in India and what requirements most professionals in data science have.

So, the now question is Are you prepared to pursue a job as a data scientist?

Amidst a myriad of institutes and online course service providers, Skillslash stands out as the one institute located in Bangalore with a comprehensive set of data science training and courses which provides a wide range of services at a price that is lower than the other.

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Let's find out what is it that differentiates Skillslash from the rest.

  • Course subscription: - Unlimited access and free lifetime access to webinars, LMS, webinars for assignments, and helpful tools.
  • Shareable certification: - After the completion of the course, you can get direct company certification. This can help you build an amazing portfolio and give you a leading edge in competitive interviews.
  • Course Syllabus: - course is designed to meet the requirements of the industry or market, along with assignments based on the industry that span more than 150 hours.
  • Expert training: - All Skillslash instructors or faculties are from the Data Science domain and have several years of experience working in FAANG companies.
  • Personalized assistance: - An environment that is open and welcoming for both students and faculties.

Also, you can get individual attention and services like free career counselling

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