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Constantly in the hunt for a top-notch best data science course in Bangalore? I'll assume a "Yes" since you have stumbled on this blog. But, I promise you, your search for the best data science courses in Bangalore ends here.

In today's blog, I'll discuss the best data science course in Bangalore with placement guarantee. Before that, I'll briefly explain what data science is and who is a data science professional.

From the domain point of view, it is an amalgamation of various disciplines such as Mathematics, Statistics, Computer and Information Science, AI, and ML. In simple terms, the job of leveraging scientific methods, algorithms, and processes to interpret massive data sets and bring forth valuable insights across domains is called data science.

And the professionals who carry out these job roles and responsibilities are termed data science professionals or data scientists. Now, most of you might have stumbled upon the term "data analyst" and might wonder what the difference between them and a data scientist is. A data analyst usually analyzes the data and provides you with the readings or explanations based on the analysis. But on the other hand, a data scientist explains the present state through data analysis and provides future predictions through their study and algorithms.

Why Data Science?

The essence of data science has become widespread for manifold reasons. First, data that existed in the past (a long time back) were in a structured format and small size. Therefore, to process it by leveraging traditional systems was not daunting. However, as years passed, these data transformed into semi-structured and unstructured formats.

Data science is the only viable option to process such large and complex data, and hence, at present, you see an overwhelming demand for data scientists.


The above illustration shows only the number of jobs posted on a job portal (a whopping 10.5K+ jobs). Just imagine the actual demand for these professionals.

Now, after understanding data science, its importance, and the unstoppable demand for data science professionals, let's get to the course details and highlights (basically, what you've come here for).

Let's start with the belief that your search for best data science courses in Bangalore ends here, and you are spared the trauma of frustration and wasted time.

Advanced Data Science Course - Personalized Data Science Course with Placement Guarantee

With an aim to disrupt the traditional means of learning, imbibe the process of learning and applying, and equip the candidate with knowledge and skill sets to be triumphant in the real world, Skillslash presents to you a one-of-a-kind course in data science.

This course is perfect for any working professional who wishes to have a successful career transition to data science or receive advanced education with insights into the current trends to stay abreast of thousands of other competitors.

Students who opt for the course will undergo rigorous training and get the opportunity to work on complex and unfiltered real-world datasets and projects which they'll receive directly from the AI company they wish to do an internship with. Additional assistance will be provided to all those who hail from a non-IT background. Furthermore, this practice will provide them with a hands-on experience of what waits for them in the corporate world and project certification, which holds immense value in today's market.

Academic and dummy certifications are easy to get because almost every institute provides them. However, receiving a project certification as a token of your hands-on experience in the data science field is rare, and Skillslash makes that possible for you.

Course Syllabus

I'll mention all the modules covered in the data science training in bangalore. You may visit our course page to get in-depth knowledge of each module and enroll yourself there. Here they are:

  • Module 0 - Introduction
  • Module 1 - Programming Essentials
  • Module 2 - Applied Statistics
  • Module 3: Advance Machine Learning
  • Module 4 - Deep Learning
  • Module 5 - NLP
  • Module 6: Reinforcement learning
  • Module 7: Computer Vision
  • Module 8 - Explainable AI and Risk management
  • Module 9: Tools

Course Duration and Fees

The live class subscription for our best data science course with placement in Bangalore is three years. Apart from that, you receive lifetime access to the video recordings to ensure that you can revisit the videos to brush up on concepts and other stuff. Simultaneously, the data science course fees in Bangalore is INR 1,30,000 (excluding GST)

Course Highlight

  • Real-work Experience: You work with the AI company you intern with. In this process, you work on real-world datasets and receive hands-on experience to make your corporate journey smooth and unsurprised by obstacles.
  • Live Classes: You enjoy a 3-year live subscription with us wherein if you ever need to redo a class for any reason or were absent due to any emergency, you can get it done later.
  • Build Your Own Course (BYOC): Self-design your Data Science course concerning your career goals. Also, take the training under expert guidance.
  • Industry Experts as Mentors: The leaders or mentors for your course are well-established in this field to ensure you are not receiving just any Hebrew training. These experts hail from top names such as Amazon, Microsoft, Flipkart, TCS, Capgemini, and more.
  • 100% Job Guarantee: Get a 100% job guarantee in top Data Science and AI firms. Also, receive guidance on resume building and interview preparation.

Data Science Outlook at FAANG Companies

  • Brand: FAANG companies are the most prominent companies by market cap and the top technology businesses that can add significant value to your profile, help you receive the best compensation in the market, and other underlying benefits.
  • Scope: The scope of data science in these companies is at its peak since these businesses have a massive amount of data. You can work on various use cases such as ML drives, DL Statistics, self-supervised/semi-supervised/unsupervised, reinforcement learning, etc.
  • People: A tremendous upside to working with FAANG companies is that you may work with the creme-de-al-creme in talent, vision, and experience. When you surround yourself with the brightest folks and receive a chance to collaborate with their clients, your level rises significantly.
  • Network: The network opportunities you can create while at FAANG companies or after leaving them are priceless. Networking alone can catapult your career to great heights, something which you would have never imagined, such is the brand value of these companies.
  • Freedom: Don't you think having the freedom to decide your career and life trajectory can work as a great motivation? After FAANG, you'll be in high demand, and recruiters and hiring managers may constantly seek you out if your tenure with the FAANG companies has been value-adding and enriching. If selected into any of the FAANG, you will gain financial freedom, which is the biggest motivation for any individual in a corporate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Skillslash's scholarship program under the Data Science course?

Every candidate needs to undergo a 20-minute online exam in the scholarship program. The reason for the same is to analyze each candidate's aptitude in data science. If the candidate successfully achieves a score greater than 65%, they will be eligible for a 30% discount on the course fees.

Additionally, candidates who've lost their jobs due to the pandemic and mothers who wish to restart their careers will receive upto 100% scholarship based on their exam scores and adequate proof.

What kind of certification does the Data Science training in Bangalore provide?

A great part about undergoing our data science course training is that you don't just obtain any certificate or academic degree. Instead, you are presented with a globally recognized project management certificate. In addition, the AI company you interned with will provide your project certification to add some real value to your profile. You get the same high-level service for other courses, such as our data analyst course in Bangalore. We are committed to providing the best.

How does Skillslash guarantee a job in the Data Science field?

Our data science course is entirely in sync with a candidate's needs and requirements necessary for their success. So, first, we start with the curriculum, which is rigorous and created to be above the industry standards. The course syllabus is extensive, ensuring that great emphasis is given to real-time project training.

Next, by enrolling in our data science course in Bangalore, students can earn real-world experience and direct project certifications from the AI startups they intern with. This alone will put a significant weightage on their portfolio because project certifications from top companies are not something you see every day. In addition, this helps candidates clear interviews, which they couldn't have if they had just gone there with an academic certification.

Under our data science course with 100 placement guarantee , Skillslash gives special focus and attention to resume/portfolio building assistance, rigorous counselling, and career mentorship. To complement our efforts and ensure success for our students, we take that extra step to prepare real-world-driven interview trials and unlimited job referrals. This will ensure our students bag the best offers in the market.

What is the cost of a data science course in Bangalore?

The data science program has been designed to meet the needs of students (in terms of education and financing), so we have divided them into three sections:

  • Basic: INR 59,000 (Excluding GST)
  • Pro: INR 89,000 (Excluding GST)
  • Pro Max: INR 130,000 (Excluding GST)

You can always check out our course page to know more.

Who can join the data science course?

This course is ideal for every working professional or experienced professional, whether it is someone who wishes to have a successful career transition or a professional from the same field who wishes to receive advanced knowledge and experience.

Final Words

This was an in-depth explanation of our flagship program in data science. There's no better day for all those who wish to undergo a bestdata science course in Bangalore. Apart from being recognized as the best data science institute in Bangalore, Skillslash has gradually formed a top-notch online presence. So, those who wish to do an online course can opt for our online data science course with placement guarantee , which offers the same amount of benefits and services, and ensures you are guaranteed a secure future.


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