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I believe in the world of IT, programming, and coding, learn python requires no introduction. A majority of the business sectors leverage it like Data Science and AI. Web Development, IT, etc. Thanks to its extensive utilization and popularity, it has long surpassed Java as the top programming language at present. Therefore, in today's blog, we'll understand the different reasons to learn Python in 2022.

Why Should You Learn Python in 2022?

Reasons to Learn Java #1: It is Beginner-Friendly

First of all, the language is an incredible spot to start assuming that you're new to coding. Perhaps the greatest obstacle for aspiring coders is the daunting undertaking of learning another language that resembles something they're accustomed to reading and writing. Notwithstanding, Python highlights English punctuation and was intended to be straightforward and straightforward, all of which makes it more open to first-time coders than numerous different languages.

Reasons to Learn Java #2: It is Versatile

One point which Python is most noted for is its versatility. Python can be used for both simple and complicated projects, and is used across various industries. Applications could range from Data Science, Software Engineering to AI, mobile app development, and ML. The ability to run in alignment with other competing programming languages is something that every Python user is proud of. A few instances where we see Python integrated with other languages are CPython (when Python is integrated with C) and Jython (when Python is integrated with Java). To end this point, it is safe to point out that Python has the cross-platform functionality that enables it to work appropriately whether it is Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Reasons to Learn Java #3: Python Developers are in Pretty High Demand

Well you would be happy to know in case you are a Python user and are going into the development field that Python Developers are in huge demand. Major enterprises like Netflix, Facebook, and DropBox are using Python. So easy and popular, even Google has created its Python-style guide. As per reports by Indeed, the average pay for a Python engineer is around $108,000. It comes at the 4th position when we speak of the most worthwhile programming languages worldwide with the other 3 places going to Ruby ($120,174), C++ ($114,000) and JavaScript ($111,623).

Reasons to Learn Java #4: It is the Fastest Growing Programming Language

Talk can be cheap but numbers and stats never can. Same has been witnessed in the case of Python. As per reports from the Popularity of Programming Language (PYPL) Index, Python is recognized as the most-searched programming language on the web. TIOBE gave Python the 2020 Programming Language of the Year grant due to garnering popularity much faster among the other languages. Python will always remain a wise choice if you wish to kick start your coding journey and require a certain programming language to learn.

Reasons to Learn Java #5: Complements Data Visualization

Python, being dynamic, has something for every need or requirement. So, discussing data visualization, Python has something in store for it as well. It includes some truly prevalent data visualization tools like Matplotlib (the primary or foundation library where based on which the development of ggplot, Seaborn, and Pandas Plotting took place), Bokeh, Plotly, Pygal, Altair, Missingno, Geoplotlib, and Gleam. If you face issues with complex datasets, these frameworks can help you make sense of them. Additionally, these visualization tools also enable you to visualize findings through means such as graphical plots, graphs, pie charts, etc.

Reasons to Learn Java #6: Testing Frameworks are in Abundance

Python is the go-to solution when we discuss testing or validating an idea or a product. How? There are various in-built testing frameworks that complement the debugging process and boost workflow speed. Then, there's more to see when you think it's over. With frameworks like Robot and PyTest, Python conveniently supports and empowers cross-browser and cross-platform testing. Additionally, frameworks for testing purposes include Behave, UnitTest, and Lettuce.

Reasons to Learn Java #7: Perfect for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Another point, another importance. Python is the perfect choice for EAI. The process of embedding Python in applications is seamless, and more importantly, it also accompanies applications in other languages. Python invokes COM/CORBA elements. It's the perfect choice when we speak of application scripting. It has robust integrations with Java, C++, and C. Additionally, there's no match for its integration and text processing capabilities. It's leveraged to develop desktop and GUI applications as well.

Reasons to Learn Java #8: Remarkable for Scripting

Apart from serving as a top-notch programming language, we leverage Python time and again for scripting too. What sets apart a scripting language from a programming language is that it requires no compilation. These can be interpreted directly. The same goes for Python, where you write code in a script and directly execute it. The machine reads the code you insert and even performs error checking during runtime. You can, then, use the code several times once it has become error-free. To add more credibility, Linux Journal praises Python as the best scripting and programming language.

Reasons to Learn Java #9: The presence of an active community

Python will always have the edge over others regarding a dynamic and well-knit community that any beginner, newbie, or working professional can rely on. If you ever face any data science or coding-based problem, the Python community can be an excellent place to seek help. Daily, additional and new progress is seen in the community, thanks to it being an open-source language. Developers and coders contribute rigorously to enhancing the language with new tools and libraries.

Final Words

So, I hope I could present to you the best possible reasons to learn Python. Feel free to contact the Technical Experts in Skillslashif you have any doubts or questions related to career transition or if you wish to pursue a specific career. We provide the best Data Science course in Bangalore with a placement guarantee where you not only master Python but understand various other nuances for a great future. We have launched a 100% Job Assurance initiative with a vision to help every individual, who aspires to become something, secure a great job opportunity. Good luck and keep learning.


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